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“Compared to using other
medical agencies, we have
found that doing it yourself gives
you far more control and using
inJur means that the process
from instruction to completed
medical report is much quicker.
Overall we wouldn’t hesitate in
recommending inJur to solicitor
firms in the UK.”

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Take the strain out of your firm’s PI work

Use inJur Direct to find and instruct medico legal experts

Instruct a ‘best fit’ expert every time

View CVs and even message medical experts to check for suitability prior to instruction

Quality assure your instructions process

Check for accredited experts plus use our bookmark and blacklisting features

Rubber stamped by compliance expertise and former SRA regulators

Ensure your method of selecting experts does not in contravene LASPO or the SRA guidelines

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If you want to increase the control you have over your instructions and improve the ease, speed and efficiency of your instruction process.

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